Hydrate Your Way Through Winter With Our Essential Winter Skincare Guide

Dec 21, 2023

You Asked & Our Estheticians Answered

As the cold winter days arrive, so does the need for a specialized skincare routine to protect our skin from the harsh elements that winter brings. At Natural Beauty Group, we have a treasure trove of natural, nourishing solutions ideal for winter skincare needs awaiting you from brands like VOYA Organic BeautyNaturopathicahaia wellnessOM4 Organic Male, and Jane Iredale makeup. Let's uncover the significance of a winter skincare routine and explore these hydrating wonders to keep our skin radiant and healthy all season long.  

"Is increasing your skin hydration during the winter more important as you get older?" - Jill, Texas

Winter can be unforgiving, robbing our skin of moisture and leaving it dry, flaky, and susceptible to irritation. A dedicated winter skincare routine becomes a non-negotiable for everyone, irrespective of age. It's about preserving the skin's natural barrier and replenishing lost moisture, ensuring a healthy, glowing complexion. So no matter your age - increase your water intake, and use products with ingredients like Hyaluornic Acid, a moisture loving molecule to help boost lasting hydration. 

Meet The Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Collection:

Uplift and delight the senses with fresh strawberry and hydrating hyaluronic and rhubarb. Formulated with the unique Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Complex, this collection will become your go-to for instant hydration and to lock in moisture to deeply nourish the skin. 

"Can I exfoliate during the winter?" - Jackie M. - Portland

Yes! Exfoliation will help remove skin cell buildup and allow your other products to work more effectively.

Treat your skin to the Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant formulated with lactic acid, a blend of polishing flours, and our Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Complex. This vegan exfoliant gently removes impurities and excess oil from the skin to reveal a visibly smooth, radiant complexion.

"Should I be applying a mask or treatment during the winter?" - Melissa

Using a hydrating mask can be a game-changer for your winter routine. The VOYA Organic Beauty products are a sanctuary for parched winter skin. This winter use this dual-functioning VOYA Hydra Veil: Hydrating Mask, which deeply hydrates and nourishes, restoring moisture levels and promoting a supple, dewy complexion. 

"I sometimes get dry, chapped skin, what cream or lotion should I use?" - Amy L.

The Naturopathica Gotu Kola Intense Repair Balm  provides the ultimate intense hydration to areas of the skin suffering from redness, dehydration, or being chapped from harsh conditions. This balm strengthens the skin's barrier while calming and replenishing moisture, ideal for combating winter's adversities. Add it to your skincare routine this winter and kiss chapped, dry skin goodbye! 

"I have dry skin and I am concerned with aging, what should I use?" - Allie G., Kansas City

Infused with powerful hydrating ingredients, and age defending actives, the haia "I am Wise" Moss Stem Cell DNA Support Serum  and haia "I am Whole" Boreal Age-Optimizing Moisturizer are two winter essentials. Aging is a natural human process and haia is committed to providing products which enable you to embrace your best skin health at any age.

The Age-Optimizing & Cellular Health Collection taps the wisdom of our native North American ancestors and applies cutting-edge biotechnology to expand traditional know how in creating the latest sustainable skin health innovations. The natural resilience of tree bark extracts and foraged, shade-grown botanicals combine forces to fight oxidative stress and promote skin wellness at a cellular level. No matter what the season, it is never too early to start investing in your facial 401K.

For the gentlemen, Organic Male OM4 Dry Shave Mask: Advanced Age-Intercepting Hydration Butter caters specifically to men's skin. This dual-action ultra-hydrating and brightening shave cream and mask helps to increase moisture retention and even skin tone. Perfect for normal and dry skin types to deeply nourish the skin throughout the day since it can be used daily as either a mask or shave cream to replenish moisture and protect against winter's elements, keeping the skin hydrated and vibrant. 

"My lips can look flakey during the winter, what should I do?" - Tess

When it comes to makeup with added skincare benefits, Jane Iredale makeup, is a standout choice for winter protection. Quench your lips with hydrating protection plus get SPF protection with Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm SPF 15. Available in sheer or choose from four shades that will leave your lips feeling moisturized, protected, and refreshingly scented. 

Winter skincare isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving with well-hydrated, healthy skin at any age. This collection guide of highly moisturizing products from VOYA Organic BeautyNaturopathicahaia wellnessOM4 Organic Male, and Jane Iredale makeup caters to seasonal skincare needs, offering super hydration and protection against winter's harsh effects. 

So, this winter, embrace a dedicated skincare routine with these hydrating marvels. Let your skin revel in moisture, ensuring a radiant and glowing complexion that defies the cold, ensuring your skin feels nourished, protected, and beautifully hydrated throughout the season. 

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