Take your skin health to the next level by utilizing advanced skin sensors and technology to accurately know what exactly what your skin needs at all times. Helps to accurate measure hydration levels in each zone of the face to create a personalized skin care profile

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FOREO LUNA fofo uses advanced skin sensors and BluetoothTM technology to accurately know what exactly what your skin needs at all times, so you can get the most out of every cleanse. Offering the most intelligent solution to on-the-go skincare, LUNA fofo analyzes the skin condition and moisture level in each zone of the face to create a personalized skin profile that is sent straight to the FOREO app. Take the quiz to determine your skin type and age, and enjoy a customized cleansing routine that automatically syncs with the device!

Key Features:

  • Measures Skin Moisture Index with Dual Sensors. 
  • Analyzes Skin Diagnostics using Real-Time Data.
  • Reveals True Skin Age & Skin Type
  • Creates & Sync Customized Cleansing Routine
  • App Records Progress to share via Social Media

To Get Your Skin Analysis:

1. Open the FOREO app on your mobile device and turn on your Bluetooth.
2. Turn on LUNA fofo by holding the center button until the light starts blinking, indicating the
Bluetooth is connected and your device is ready to begin the skin analysis.
3. Press and hold the skin sensors to your forehead, cheeks, side of nose, and chin. When the app indicates, proceed to the next area. The FOREO app will analyze your skin’s moisture index and skin type and then sync a customized cleansing routine to LUNA fofo.
4. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off device.

* For the most accurate readings, make sure the device is completely dry and both sensors are placed flat and firmly on the skin. Remember to always take your readings at the same time each day.


  • How Often Should I take my Skin Reading?You can take your skin reading as often as you would like. However, for best results, we recommend taking your skin readings once a week at the same time of day or when traveling to a new environment.
  • How is Skin Age Determined? Skin age is calculated based on your moisture level reading, personal profile and other lifestyle and environmental factors that may affect your skin.
  • What Happens if the Skin Sensors get Wet? LUNA fofo is completely waterproof, and can even be used in the shower. However, for the most accurate results when conducting your skin reading, be sure to completely dry off the device before use.
  • Which Facial Cleanser Can Be Used with LUNA fofo? You can use any facial cleanser with LUNA fofo, but to keep your device in optimal condition, avoid clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers as they may damage the silicone touch-points.
  • Can the LUNA fofo Replace Makeup Removers? We suggest you remove makeup before use for more effective cleansing.
  • Can I use LUNA fofo if I Have Skin Conditions Such as Acne or Eczema or if I have had a Cosmetic Procedure such as Botox? We suggest that anyone who suffers from a serious skin condition or has undergone a cosmetic procedure consult their physician or skincare professional before using the device.
  • How do I clean my LUNA fofo? Rinse with warm water and soap and then pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. We recommend spraying the device with FOREO's Silicone Cleaning Spray and rinsing with warm water afterwards for optimal results.
  • How do I Change the Batteries of the LUNA fofo? If the LUNA fofo will not turn on or its power starts to diminish, it’s time to replace the AAA batteries. To change the batteries, unscrew the battery cover on the product’s base and carefully remove the batteries inside. Insert the new batteries, ensuring the + and – ends are aligned to the markings inside the battery compartment, then screw the battery cover back into place.


Getting Started: How to Set-up your First Customized Cleanse. 

1. Press once to cleanse your face with LUNA fofo.
2. Rinse your face and pat dry. Wait an additional two minutes for your skin to fully dry.
3. To begin your first skin analysis, sync your device with the FOREO app by holding the center button until the light stars follow the instructions in the app.
4. After the app has recorder your skin analysis, it will automatically sync a customized cleansing routine to the device for your next cleanse.

Routine Cleansing Instructions: 

1. Remove all makeup, dampen skin and then apply your favorite cleanser

2. Press the power button once to activate cleansing mode.

3. Cleanse using circular movements on cheeks and forehead, gliding up and down the nose. Based on your customized routine, LUNA fofo will pause to tell you when to move to the next area of your face.

4. Rinse and pat your face dry. After 2 minutes, take your skin reading and share your results!

5. Apply other skincare products, if any.

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